Zero Risk Spare Part Service Program

When it comes to purchasing of spare parts from requests by the factory floor issues below is likely to occur:

- Production line slow down due to lack of spare parts
- Limited time to source for the parts needed
- Purchased the Wrong parts
- High work load & Complexity at purchasing department

Our service will help you...

Get the right spare parts at the right time 

We prepare the needed spare parts standby for you. Just let us know your location, we will work out a solution for you.

The aim is to reduce the chance of bottle neck caused by lack of parts to the machines , we will make sure you have sufficient spare parts to keep your production running. 


Making things SIMPLE

It is clear that purchasing is a complex job, which involves many procedures such as searching, ordering delivery, importing...etc. 

Our service will make the purchasing process as simple as it can be. The main part of our service is to offer readied spare parts in a location in or near your factory, allow us to 

- Reduce the time spent on purchasing

- Reducing you effort sourcing around

- Reduce the official paper work for an order

- Reduce logistics in and out of your warehouse

- Less carton boxes wasted or to be dealt with

Better Cash Flow

The main part of our service is to offer readied spare parts in a location in or near your factory. You will no need to stock for your inventory, therefore you may enjoy the extra cash flow for healthy running of the company. What's better than having it just right?

Adapting changes
Production line may depends on the buyer's order, sometime it may go from thin fabric to thick fabric. 
Our service can adapt to the change of demand, this includes visit to your factory on a regular basis to make sure the right spare parts is ready on demand. 

There is more.....

For Management

Our service includes a spare part consumption monitor which is able to give the management data of what is consumed and in what quantity. 

With these data, it will give a clear idea of the spare parts expenses per month, which allow you to spot irregularities. 

The useful data may help you with setting long term strategy for your business. 

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