Juki DDL-9000C, Direct Drive, Single Needle Lockstitch Machine with thread trimmer

- Digital Feeding Mechanism
- Management of sewing performance
- Digital presser foot pressure
- Remaining thread length reduced to 3mm
- LED light available


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Instruction Manual

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The new feed dog height control 

Thanks to the new vertical and horizontal driven digital  feed mechanism, the height of the feed dog can be adjusted to a lower position during finish of sewing. During the finish of sewing, the sharp surface of the feed dog may damage to some sensitive material such as lace, fine knit fabric. By lower the feed dog, damage can be avoided when operator remove the fabric away from the sewing area.

Shortened Remaining Thread

Thanks to the new vertical and horizontal driven digital  feed mechanism, remaining thread length can be reduced to 3.0mm.


There is also a "Super Short Thread Gauge Set" for remaining thread length 2.0 - 2.5mm

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Digital thread tension

The digital thread tension function make great improvement on seam quality, especially when adapting different material thickness.

Digital Communication

Setting can be done on mobile or tablet, and can  easily be uploaded to each DDL-9000C by a data transfer function "NFC". 

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Juki Smart APP
The Juki Smart APP is a very useful tool for collecting sewing data from the DDL-9000C and generate presentations for management use.

The Juki Smart APP is available to use on Android OS Version 5.0 or later

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